Bugsensitive is here!


In the last few months I was developing an app, that I should use for all my other apps: It should help me to find bugs, fix them, get me to know where my users are from and much more… in short it should help me to define quality in my software. I am very happy to share this experience with you, be announcing: Bugsensitive, a Windows Phone 8 client for users of the famous bug/crash tracking tool BugSense, is ready for you on the Windows Phone 8 Store.

Actually you can download it for about a month, but there were some issues so that I never shared it with you. One issue is not solved yet, but it can be solved by logging out and in again (the issue is that sometimes the app stops downloading data immediately). But I think it’s worth to spread the message to you as a small Christmas gift 🙂

To sign in you will need your API token, which you’ll find in your BugSense account settings.

A big thanks goes to BugSense, which provides an API for their data and also for the great support during the development of the app.

Please tell me if you like it, if you miss some features or see any improvements.

The app is free to download here:

Windows Phone Store
Have fun and merry Christmas!


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